Virtually Impossible



Codsby, a computer-animated fish (Logan Murray)


Broadsword and Anglia for ITV, 18 November 1994 to 3 February 1995 (1 series)


One of Broadsword Televisions later works, running for a single series after a relatively short final run of Knightmare. Perhaps it came as a result of Lord Fear's technomancy... or perhaps not.

A team of three or four youthful contestants (frequently boys who fancied themselves quite a bit) co-operated in a selection of unique video games in an attempt to accumulate forty thousand or more points over the duration of the show. One of the team was miniaturised and "placed within the game" and the other three controlled their actions.

The games played were very familiar-looking but generic video game standards such as pinball and breakout. The disadvantage is that the frame rates were very poor indeed - shades of Cyberzone, really - and while the graphics were higher-powered than those available on the home consoles of the day, they weren't so much better that it made up for the fact that you were only watching the show and not playing.

As a consequence, the show ended up swimming with the fishes - like its host.

Key moments

The team rushing from one piece of equipment to the next on the excellent set to be in position to play the next game, as the piscine presenter ominously counted down from six to zero to signal the start of the game.

Team-mates of over-confident but under-performing teams blaming and cursing at each other when the arbitrary score target was not quite met.

The perfectly-timed execution (if at all possible) of the classic videogame "b'ding" sound-effect when a golden-sprayed hula hoop was picked up from off the ground by one of the team.


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