WAGs Boutique



June Sarpong


Mentors: Anna Park and Lyn Gardner


TalkbackThames for ITV2, 30 January to 24 April 2007 (13 episodes in 1 series)


The logo says WAGS Boutique, the website lists it as WAGs Boutique: you pays yer money, you takes yer choice.

We've had game shows with perfectly ordinary people in it, game shows with slightly unhinged members of the public in it, shows with people's pets in it, shows with celebrities in it, shows with not particularly famous people in it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dante's Sixth Circle of Hell: Shows With People Who are Wives and Girlfriends of Not Particularly Famous People In It.

The ten footballer's wives and girlfriends (WAGs), all sporting significant acreage of sunglasses and enough peroxide to knock out a rhino, compete in a fairly pointless competition to see who can run a fashion boutique most profitably over a three month period.

It's quite a clever idea in that the participants are glam, camera-friendly, not afraid to catfight and let us in on their 'glitzy' lifestyle and 'celebrity' friends. But whether it's compelling telly or not is another thing.


  • Jadene Bircham (married to Marc Bircham [QPR])
  • Madeleine Bowden (girlfriend of Justin Hoyte [Arsenal])
  • Michaela Henderson-Thynne (girlfriend of Stewart Downing [Middlesbrough])
  • Elle Isaac (girlfriend of Paul Ifill [Crystal Palace])
  • Charlotte Mears (girlfriend of Jermain Defoe [Tottenham Hotspur])
  • Julie Phillips (wife of Kevin Phillips [West Bromwich Albion])
  • Cassie Sumner (girlfriend of Michael Essien [Chelsea])
  • Krystell Sidwell (wife of Steve Sidwell [Reading])
  • Heather Swan (fiancee of Michael Chopra [Cardiff])
  • Nicola Tappenden, aka Page 3 girl Nicola T (girlfriend of Bobby Zamora [West Ham])


The boutiques are called Bows (33 Marshall Street, London) and Better Half (34 Marshall Street).


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