Jimmy Young (1975)

Jo Brand (2018)


BBC Radio 2, 3 January to 11 April 1975 (15 episodes in 1 series)

BBC Radio 4, 17 December 2018


According to the Radio Times billing, WIQ in the 1970s was a knockout quiz contested by teams from the Women's Institute. And, er, that's all we know.

The title (and, for all we know, the format) came back as a one-off in 2018, in which Women's Institutes from Manchester and Cambridge answered questions from Jo Brand. There were rounds on famous women, the history of the Women's Institute, a montage of music, questions on food, and a rapid-fire timed round. And, because Jo Brand does it on television, each team brought in a cake to be judged.

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Town and Country Quiz seems to have been the successor to the 70s version.


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