What's My Quiz?


Frank Muir


BBC2, 26 August 1991


Frank Muir fronts this documentary as part of a longer theme night looking back of the output from the BBC's Lime Grove Studios which were pensioned off exactly one month before this tribute was broadcast. It mainly covers the 1950s panel game formats that were later retrod in Play it Again.

  • Opening clips: Prof. Glyn Daniel presenting Animal, Vegetable, Mineral; the pilot of Ask Your Dad; and The Name's the Same.
  • Panellists: Introductions of various panel game contributors from different shows.
  • Complicated Rules: Hosts do their best to explain away the rules to Ask Your Dad (1955) and The Touch (1956).
  • Amateurish on-screen captions: Mr Cooper on What's My Line? (a Gilbert Harding hosted edition) is captioned as a "Glost Dottler - Puts pieces of pottery into the sagger preparatory to firing"; a "Carmen Miranda" on The Name's the Same; a "finger mask used by Eskimo women dancers, Behring Straits, Alaska" from Animal, Vegetable, Mineral; mystery celebrity Van Johnson on What's My Line?.
  • What's My Line?: A full round from 1955 featuring a postman. The panel are David Nixon, Lady Isobel Barnet, Barbara Kelly and Gilbert Harding.
  • The Name's the Same: Round from 1953, featuring a schoolmaster called William Shakespeare. Bernard Braden is the host; Frank Muir, Wendy Toyle (sp?), Sheila Sim and Denis Norden are on the panel.
  • Children's panel games: Playbox with Eamonn Andrews from 1958; Eamonn asks the kids to identify a mystery object - chicory.
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: From 1954, the mystery objects are boxing gloves worn by fighting cocks from Lancashire, 19th Century.
  • Wild Guesses: A contestant called Frank Muir is on The Name's the Same. The 'real' Frank Muir guesses him straight away in four questions.


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