What Are You Like?



Fiona Bruce


Team captains: Simon O'Brien and Aled Jones


Shine North for BBC Two, 25 August to 8 October 2008 (20 episodes in 1 series)

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Scruples-type panel game. Ten celebs and various groups of tradespeople have been posed a series of ethical trilemmas, and the celebs in the studio are asked to say how they thought a given celeb or group of tradespeople responded. Each programme is themed, along the lines of "how assertive are you?" or "how tactful are you?".

Round one is three questions to each team, each question introduced by a clip from the archives. The hypothetical question is asked with a choice of three responses. Clips of three celebs answering the question are shown, and then the panellists are asked to say how a fourth celebrity answered. One point for a correct answer.

Round two consists of two questions to each team, trilemmas and archive clips as before, but now instead of celebrities, the panellists are asked to divine how a group of members of the public (such as vets or waiters) responded. Two points for a correct answer.

Round three goes back to the celebs, one hypothetical question for each team but three celebs whose answers are to be "predicted", two points for each response correctly done so. Finally, for two bonus points, both teams are asked to name the celeb from the pool of ten whose answers indicate that they most embody the quality (e.g. assertiveness, tact) around which that particular episode was themed. Although there are ten celebrities in the pool for each episode, not all will necessarily have been seen answering questions during the course of the show.

At the beginning of the show, Fiona Bruce says we can play along at home by noting down our answers. There's no complex scoring system here, just the women's magazine staple of "Mostly As: You embody this quality quite a lot. Mostly Bs: You embody it a bit. Mostly Cs: You don't embody it very much at all and all your friends secretly hate you, you worthless piece of trash." Hearing Fiona Bruce reading this out is actually rather surreal. (She doesn't actually call anyone a worthless piece of trash, by the way. Though you sometimes get the impression she's thinking it.)

And that's all there is to it. It's basically a Just 17 personality quiz on the telly, with a rudimentary guessing game attached. There's no mileage in pretending this show has any real depth, originality or, frankly, point - it's Fiona Bruce and a few pals having a bit of a lark, and it fills half an hour fairly mindlessly, if that's what you're looking for. But surely daytime TV was supposed to have left this kind of filler behind a long time ago?

Theme music

Rory Dow


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