What Would Your Kid Do?



Jason Manford


Boomerang for ITV, 6 February 2018 to 28 April 2019 (12 episodes in 2 series + 1 special)


Some programmes have complex and confusing titles. This one explains itself in five words.

The game is played by three families – a child of about 5, and their parents (or other relatives). After the introductions, the children scurry off stage, we won't see them again until late in the show. To be precise, we won't see them in the flesh until later: we'll see them on film throughout.

Cooking up a surprise for the parents.

Before this studio recording started, the children took part in some structured play. They were in a classroom full of miniature cameras, and the play was structured to make certain tests.

Each test looks at a different part of a child's psychology. Will your child be honest or cheat for a reward? Will they give in to peer pressure? Will they keep at a task and not get distracted? Will they remember what they were told on the phone?

Will the child press the red button on the wall?

Jason introduces the test from the studio, and then we start the film package. Jason explains what's going on, we see most of the story from the classroom, and then the film stops. What happens next?

It's embarrassing when the parents get their predictions wrong, but it's shared by all of the audience. Even if we're not parents, we've all been children, and children of any age are able to surprise their parents.

Parents score if they predict what their child would do, and the best score at the end of the show goes to the prize round. The parents hear three general knowledge questions, and three options for each. Which will their child pick when they're asked the same question?

A right answer to the question wins nothing. An answer that matches the parents' choice – whether right or wrong – wins a prize. The prizes are to be chosen by the child, from two alternatives. Will they pick something useful for the home, or a grand toy for themself? A fridge-freezer or a Frozen castle? A big teddy or the Big Apple?

A trip to Dubai, or a cuddly giraffe?

Jason Manford hosts the show, and he does a stellar job. It's easy to laugh at the parents who believe their daughter is a little angel, and Jason avoids this temptation. He also avoids any attempt to moralise: to fail is human, and Jason makes this a very human show.


What Would Your Kids Do? appears to be inspired by Channel 4's successful observational documentary Life of Four-Year-Olds, and adds a prediction element. It runs at the same time as Big Star's Little Star, a very different show where children tell tales to embarrass their famous parent.

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