Larry Dean


Team captains: Fern Brady and Christopher Macarthur-Boyd


Hungry Bear Media for BBC Two Scotland, 14 December 2018


Two teams take a road trip, facing a few games along the way: in the pilot, these were designing a tank for a stick insect, identifying a mystery hitch-hiker from items in a rucksack, and one in which the team captains (who are stand-up comedians) pose as tour guides at a country house, with a script full of complete lies.

Aired as part of a Scottish comedy pilots season called Funny Firsts, and with the comedy element emphasised over the gameplay. We'd suggest that the comedy would have benefitted from better games; the teams were given things to do in the hope that something funny would happen, but nothing much did. The team captains seemed less than enthused with what they had to work with, and frankly we can't blame them.


The guests in the pilot were Aggie MacKenzie (paired with Christopher Macarthur-Boyd) and Still Game actor Scott Reid (paired with Fern Brady).

Billed as a "car-based panel game" though we respectfully disagree with that categorisation!


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