World's Toughest Trucker



Voiceover: Chook Sibtain


Channel M / Dragonfly for Channel 5 (co-production with Discovery USA), 6 January to 24 February 2012 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Six truckers representing different countries drive three trucks in challenging terrains around the world. Each week the drivers are paired off at random and face a challenge which usually involves carrying a breakable cargo (actually, on the roads they have to use, pretty much any cargo is breakable) to a given destination in the fastest time, with penalties for breakages and any safety violations the judges spot. Sometimes there are other challenges in which going for speed would be too dangerous (e.g. transporting logs down a snowy mountainside), so they are judged purely on safety and skill.

The top three drivers after seven weeks do the final challenge solo and the winner receives £100,000.

Although the show performed well for Channel 5, it won't be returning as its US backer, Discovery Channel, pulled the stateside airing after just two episodes.


Stuart Barnes (UK).


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