The Game



Richard Whiteley (series 1)

Gyles Brandreth (series 2)

Carol Vorderman (final two programmes)


Yorkshire Television (regional), 1983 to 1984


Computer game orientated quiz show which ran over two consecutive summers when Blockbusters used to take a break.

Each show was based around a different country and ran over three rounds with a mixture of general knowledge and very basic computer games. In one challenge, the kids gained points by zapping away a blank screen to reveal a famous face associated with the country concerned. If they identified the face correctly, they'd get the points plus a supplementary question. If they were wrong, the other contestant could carry on zapping and gain further points (often enough to win).

The top three contestants in the series returned for a final with someone like Ian Botham presenting the prizes. Third prize was £50, second prize was £100 and the winner of the series got a BBC Computer.


The rather unfortunate "Are you ready to go on The Game?".


Two series were made - the first by Richard Whiteley and the second was hosted in the main by Gyles Brandreth. However, a (then relatively unknown) Carol Vorderman hosted the last two episodes because they ran out of filming time and the last two shows were recorded at a later date.

Keren Fitzgerald writes:

I was a contestant on series 2 (theme was India). The first series was all boys and I wanted to be the first girl on it, but a girl was put on an episode before me. However we were the only 2 girls on it, an indictment of the computer culture of the early 80s.


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