What Do Kids Know?



Rufus Hound


Team captains: Sara Cox and Joe Swash

Guest captains (in order): Christopher Biggins, Stephen K. Amos, Mel Giedroyc, John Bishop, Joe Pasquale, Gail Porter, Jeff Brazier, Michelle Collins, Liz McClarnon, Brendan Cole


Shine for Watch, 10 January to 14 March 2010 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Rufus Hound hosts as team captains Sara Cox, Joe Swash along with a guest captain compete in what is sort of a Child's Play for the 21st century. Each team captain is joined by a child, typically around ten years old. Over four rounds (three in the edited repeat), they must try to work out what children are talking about.

In the first round, and clearly taking its cue from Child's Play and Small Talk, each team picks a child from the video screen, and listens as they describe a given item, place, person etc. At the end of the video clip, they must guess what/where/who is being described. One point is awarded for a correct guess.

In round two, which varies from episode to episode, the child from each team may have to paint a famous person, with the best attempt being awarded points. On other occasions, each team may be played well-known pieces of music by the Mini Maestros - a group of children with instruments - with correct guesses being awarded points.

The third round sees each team in turn being shown a video clip of several children describing the same item, place, person etc. Some of the children describe the thing in question correctly, others don't, which adds some interest to the proceedings, and helps differentiate it just a little from the first round to which it is very similar. One point is awarded for a correct guess. Perhaps due to the similarity to the first round, this round is edited out of the 30 minute version of the programme.

In the final round, each team is given 60 seconds during which, taking turns, each team member must describe the given item, place, person etc on the cards they have been provided with. Points are awarded for each correct answer. After each team has had a go, all the points are totalled, and the team with the most points is declared the winner.

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