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The Big Breakfast (stand-in)

Celebrity Big Brother (participant)

The End of the Show Show (team captain)

The Games (participant)

Masters of Combat

Step Back in Time



"Wee Gail Porter" (actually, she claims a height of 5'4", which isn't all that wee, really), got into TV the usual way as a researcher and runner, and made her on-screen debut in T.I.G.S.. Following a spell as reporter for Live & Kicking's show-within-a-show, Electric Circus, she got to host BBC Scotland's Fully Booked and later, Top of the Pops.


She married Dan Hipgrave, then singer with the group Toploader, in August 2001 and afterwards was sometimes credited as Gail Hipgrave. They divorced in October 2006.

She has suffered from an extreme form of alopecia since 2004 and is now completely bald. She explored this, and her mental health struggles, in her excellent BBC Three documentary Being Gail Porter.

She has run in several marathons.


c/o Debi Allen Associates, 22 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HP

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