Alex Verrey (a.k.a. Big Boy Barry of Games World fame)


Gail Porter


Scottish Television for ITV, 25 October to 13 December 1995


T.I.G.S. (or Totally Interactive Game Show, to give it its Sunday name) took the radical approach of totally (ahem) borrowing Games World's idea of inviting viewers to phone in to play computer games using the telephone keypad.

These games weren't exactly "Ronseal" though, as T.I.G.S. wasn't quite exactly what it said on the tin, unless "Press 4" really is totally interactive. Two kids who were picked at random from a premium rate phone line battled it out in games set underwater (press 4 to avoid the sharks), in caves (press 4 to avoid the boulders) or on a football field (press 4 to avoid the defenders)

The three winners went on to the Scalextric-type final, using real model cars on a real model track (The Devil's Track). Points were scored by staying in the correct gear. Too slow, not enough points; too fast, crash. Three crashes meant game over. The cars never really crashed of course (far too expensive on a CITV budget) so a camera effect simulated the crash. The highest score would have taken home a Super Nintendo, or something similar, if they weren't already at home.


The Devil's Track seemed to get turned into its very own show in France made by our very good friends Adventure Line (or Expand as they were back then) of Fort Boyard fame.


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