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Andi rose to fame as a host of Children's BBC, and fronted Live And Kicking before going off to Channel 4 to produce their weekend teen-appeal strand T4. In 2003, he returned to the BBC to destroy Top Of The Pops, but (with that job all but done) he has now apparently decided to resume his career in front of the cameras.


He was a finallist in the 2008 "Celebrity Masterchef" series and cooked some excellent food, although he was pipped at the final post by Liz McClarnon.

We're sure we read somewhere that he is allergic to chocolate. However, given the enthusiasm with which he dug into Jamie Theakston's chocloate fondant when acting as a guest judge on Celebrity Masterchef 2012, clearly not...

Both he and his 'Children's BBC' sidekick 'Edd The Duck' were gunged in considerable style on Noel's House Party on 2 January 1993. He was even an NTV victim on 31 December 1994.


Internet Movie Database entry


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