Born Lucky



Jeremy Beadle


Voiceover: Jonathan Coleman


Tyne Tees for ITV, 11 to 22 December 1989 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Based on an American concept of the same name but not the exact format, Jeremy Beadle raids Bingo halls and shopping centres around the country asking people if they want to win some cash. The people selected went up on stage to play a three-in-a-row style game with, we think, categories along the top and letters along the side and players had to find words that fit into both criteria in order to claim a square. If an answer didn't immediately seem correct they'd "consult the Bookworm" (i.e. they'd stop the camera to do a little research).

Once they had found four winners they went through to the final, Box Clever, where each contestant would be given a box with the letters A-D on it. These related to multiple choice questions and all the players had to do was make sure the correct letters were showing. If they were wrong they were out and if they were the last one left they won the cash. Hoorah!

The American show was a lot better actually where they went into a shopping mall and selected people at random and the games were more fun.


Based on a US show of the same name.

Theme music

Composed by Keith Chegwin - fact!


The top prize was £500.


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