Bwyd ar y Bocs



Narrator: Mal Humphreys


Chef: Kevin Williams

Final Judges: Mari Lovgreen and Rhydian Bowen Phillips


Antena Television/Dimegoch for S4C, 2005


Reality series broadcast as weekly 10-minute segments on S4C's flagship teenage series Uned 5. The aim was to find a chef to appear live on the said programme every Friday night, cooking for the studio crew and guests. There were no auditions. Just a straightforward series of challenges involving four finalists, although one of these were eliminated towards the end of the series.

The studio grand final involved creating a main course and pudding for a team of judges, including Uned 5 presenters Mari Lovgreen and Rhydian Bowen Phillips. As it turned out, Anglesey's Manon Dafydd won the series and began to make regular appearances on the show. However, within several weeks, her commitments to the programme started to scale down gradually. She left Uned 5 within a year.


The title translates as Food on the Box, strangely.


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