Diarmuid Gavin




The Answer Lies in the Soil

BBC Gardener of the Year

Celebrity Masterchef (participant)

The Great Garden Challenge

Murder Most Famous (participant)

Only Fools On Horses (participant)

71 Degrees North (participant)

Strictly Come Dancing (participant)


Irish garden designer who came to fame through Home Front in the Garden and Home Front Inside Out. Despite his claims that he doesn't feel at home in front of the TV cameras, his down-to-earth style has made him one of television's most popular gardening experts.


Surprisingly, he wasn't actually born in Ireland. He was born in London.

Books / Tapes

Design Your Garden (hardback)

Outer Spaces (hardback)

Planet Patio (hardback)

Home Front In The Garden (paperback) | (hardback)

Home Front Inside Out (paperback) (with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen)

Gardens Through Time (hardback) (with Jane Owen)

Web Links

Internet Movie Database entry

Wikipedia entry


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