Get Set Go



Michael Barrymore


Julia Gale


BBC1, 10 September to 26 November 1984 (12 episodes in 1 series)


Engaging and clever, if rather flawed, little word game where long teams of contestants alternated supplying consecutive words of a question to communicate an answer to another contestant. In the meantime, Michael Barrymore (then a fresh-faced young pup) leered and looned at whoever was due to speak next in an attempt to explain just what the Dickens was going on to the audience.

The studio's a riot in pink and blue.

Confused? So were the viewers, and hence one series was all the show got both over there and over here. Still, it could have been worse. In the USA, the show was hosted by a former weatherman. Be glad that they didn't decide to do the same thing over here and make Ian McCaskill the host.

Even in 1984, Barrymore had perfected his Sideways Look.


British version of an American show entitled simply Go!, but nothing to do with white and black stones on a 19x19 grid.


If you want to play the game yourself, buy the board game Inspeaquence, which uses very similar principles.

We seem to recall that the show's signature prize was a unicycle. Well, it's different.

Apparently, the consolation prize was a print-out calculator.

There were the inevitable laughs when the captains gave totally wrong answers in the heat of the moment. One such occasion was when 2 team members had given the clue, "What do you put in your pipe?" and the captain answered, "Oil" (the correct answer being 'Tobacco', surprise, surprise). It was also inevitable that the unfortunate lady then had to suffer Barrymore asking her, with some relish, "Do you really put oil in your pipe?"


Michael Barrymore, pictured here with his two trophies from the Challenge TV Game Show Awards.


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