Mike Read


Thames for UK Gold, 31 January to ? 1997 (31 episodes)


Four contestants compete against each other on a specialised TV subject (same subject for each individual show) in a pre-arranged number of genres, i.e. soap, drama, comedy etc.

In the first half of the show, each contestant answered questions on the specialised subject against the clock.

In part 2, it was an on the buzzer round where general questions on TV shows were asked. The top two scorers at the end of the show would go forward to the specific genre's quarter final.

The quarter final would be between two contestants on one topic with another two contestants from another show who answered questions on a subject in that genre (i.e. in the case of soaps it could be Neighbours vs Eastenders).

Again, the top two scorers would go forward to the semi-final and answer general genre questions. No prizes at all except for the overall game winner in the grand final.


David Mason

Theme music

Paul Neville


Producer David Mason writes: "This series broke the record for the number of shows produced in Studio 2 at Teddington per day - we recorded 8 per day!"


An episode from the show where the questions are themed around Hancock's Half-Hour.


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