Helfa Drysor



Robin Jones


Skyrunner: Sioned Maid


Chatsworth Television / Teledu'r Tir Glas for S4C, 24 August 1985


Basically a pilot for a Welsh-language version of Treasure Hunt with Robin Jones (S4C's chief announcer at the time) taking Kenneth Kendall's place and Sioned Maid (an actress) agreeing to have her bottom followed by the camera crew. Sadly though, Graham Berry and Frank Meyburgh were not available at time of production.

Welsh-speaking viewers have never taken to the idea of S4C basically copying a format from elsewhere (although Mastermind Cymru seems to be an exception), so this went no further than a Saturday night special. But S4C viewers were able to see Treasure Hunt during off-peak hours.


Ultimately derived from Jacques Antoine's French show La Chasse aux Trésors.

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