Johnny Vegas




The Big Breakfast

Brain Reaction (team captain)

Drive (participant)

The Johnny Vegas Gameshow

Runaround (special)

Shooting Stars (regular panellist)

Showbiz Darts (participant)

Taskmaster (participant)

Win, Lose or Draw (contestant)


Comedian from St.Helens who used to take a potter's wheel on stage and make pots while telling jokes. Man, that's some gimmick. Moved on to Shooting Stars, annoying guest punditry duties on a million nostalgia shows (though we must give him credit for sending himself up on that "Fast Show" thing) and thence to semi-straight acting, particularly in Paul Whitehouse's Happiness and the Beeb's multi-squillion-quid dramatisation of Bleak House. He's also starred in the low-key sitcom Ideal and hosted a Friday-night light entertainment show for Channel 4 called 18 Stone of Idiot (that's 252 pounds for our American readers).


He won The Weakest Link's comedians special.

Pre-fame, he was once a contestant on Win, Lose or Draw, though we're not sure whether he won or not.

He is the co-owner of a "glamping" site at Melbourne Hall in Derbyshire (originally at Nidderdale in North Yorkshire). Its creation was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary series, Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping.

Johnny Vegas isn't his real name, obviously. It's Michael Pennington.

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