Kitchen Wars



Narrator: Caroline Quentin


Chef: Marco Pierre White


5 Productions for Channel 5, 7 June to 19 July 2012 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Marco Pierre White takes his Battle Truck (read: kitchen in the back of an HGV) to various cities around the UK, inviting couples to prepare their best meals in just 30 minutes. However that's only half of it. As well as the food, the couple must also deliver top class front-of-house service. Over two episodes, various couples compete, however only twelve are invited by Marco to the studio-based Battle Kitchens. Here, three couples at a time are each given a fully-equipped kitchen, and a set of 25 diners to whom they must serve dinner. During the four hours of preparation time, followed by an hour and three-quarters of service, the couples are observed by Marco. However to add to the pressure, they must prepare specific dishes suggested by Marco. At the end of service, and with feedback from the diners informing his decision, Marco sends two couples home with the other couple progressing to the final. Repeat a further three times until just four couples remain to compete in the final, where once again their food and service skills are put to the test, before finally a winning couple is announced.


Olivier Guyard and Sheila Guyard-Mulkerrin of Les Saveurs in Exmouth.

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