Lan Jam



Leah Charles-King


Kylo: Tom Bradbrook

Sim: Bradley Sowter


Prism Entertainment for ITV, 10 January to ? 2003


It had been some years since a gaming show aired on a mainstream terrestrial channel. Bad Influence ran for a good few years and it's more game show based successor T.I.G.S. lasted just a single series. With the sixth generation of consoles and handhelds being on every kids Christmas wish list in the early 2000s, it seemed the right time for a new video game programme to launch on CITV.

Lan Jam was mostly a gaming review show, with features on the latest games and kids gaming with early noughties household names such as Richard Blackwood or Dane Bowers. However spread across each episode were three head to head battle segments between four kids playing the same video game against each other in The Hub. With the winner being declared the Lan Jam Grand Master.

The Hub

Then CITV continuity presenter Leah Charles-King was the host, with two animated teenagers acting as co-hosts called Kylo and Sim who provided banter, commentary and flatuence throughout the show.

Like T.I.G.S the series was very short lived, airing for just one series.


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