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Daughter of the legendary Jimmy Tarbuck, RADA-trained Liza started out acting, but rose to fame as presenter of The Big Breakfast. Between her game shows, she still acts - her starring vehicle Linda Green, in which she regularly and memorably sang a number of golden oldies, was a notable hit, and she's been in everything from Bleak House to Saxondale - and also in an ITV1 comedy-drama entitled "Bonkers", which was, frankly, bonkers. She's also been a regular weekend presenter on Radio 2 since 2012.


Her father Jimmy made a very memorable appearance in one episode of Linda Green, playing Linda's long-lost Uncle Vic, who was suspected of actually being her father, due to their considerable physical resemblance and some worrying family revelations. Of course, all turned out well in the end - well, it usually does in comedy-drama like that.

Also narrated the first three series of the excellent Eat Well for Less until a surge in popularity following her Taskmaster victory took her out of the budget for BBC Daytime.


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