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Mike McClean started out as a magician and entertainer at holiday camps before landing a job on children's satellite channel Nickelodeon. After a couple of years Mike jumped to CITV where he hosted gameshows It's Not Fair and Mad For It.

Mike then went on to be a roving reporter for The Big Breakfast and Richard and Judy on Channel 4. Since then he has focused on stand up comedy and doing hosting work for his beloved Manchester City FC.


In his autobiography, Oh! I Remember Him, Mike states that one of his first on-screen acting jobs was playing a robber in a balaclava for a Crimewatch reconstruction.

He appeared in the Christmas special of the UK version of The Office, hosting a Blind Date-style event at a nightclub where the contestants were David Brent (dressed up as Austin Powers), Bubble from Big Brother 2 and Howard Brown from the Halifax adverts.

Books / Tapes

Oh! I Remember Him (autobiography)

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