The Match



Mark Durden-Smith (and Ulrika Jonsson from 2004 / Zoe Ball 2005-6)


Initial for Sky One, 3 October 2004 to 2006 (3 series)


The nth variation on the celebrity reality gameshow theme. A squad of (all male) celebrities undergo a week of football training with Graham Taylor, there's a highlights show each night, and every day the three worst-performing participants go up for a public elimination vote. In the event that there's anyone left in the squad at the end of the series, they go up against a "Legends XI" in a final showdown. And, inevitably, lose. Bread-and-butter stuff for Endemol subsidiary Initial, and Mark Durden-Smith comes as standard.

It was axed in January 2007, perhaps unfairly as it was one of Sky One's higher rating original series.

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