Name That Toon



Mark Speight


Marc Silk ("the man with a thousand voices")


Granada for CITV, 31 October 1996 to 7 October 1997 (16 episodes in 2 series)


A children's quiz show with two teams of three from schools around the country battling it out to see who knew the most about cartoons. The rounds included a Talkabout-style round where the players had to talk about a cartoon character for 30 seconds, but there were five ‘hot’ words which, if the player used in their 30 seconds, would score points.

There was also a drawing round where the players had to draw a cartoon character on a large piece of paper. This was always preceded by Speight giving a demonstration of what to draw and in what order. The best drawing got the most points.

The winning team at the end of the first series won a trip to Istanbul to see the Spice Girls in concert. They dropped the knockout element in the second series.


Used between the player introductions and the first round: "It’s now time to P-L-A-Y" (Audience: "Why?") "Because we have to!"

In the first series, Mark Speight used to say to the losing teams: "You don't go home empty handed, you just go away!"


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