Mark Speight



Beat the Cyborgs

Blind Date (contestant)

Celebrity Wrestling (participant)

Eat Your Words (co-host)

Insides Out

Name That Toon

See it, Saw it

Take 7


Kids' TV presenter with a telly persona based around him being a bit of a cheesy joker. He did all sorts of stuff (including a stint as a Max Headroom-style rubber-mask-and-SFX-enhanced presenter on the short-lived ITV Saturday morning show Scratchy & Co) but is perhaps most famous for SMart, where he was able to put his artistic skills to good use. When he wasn't doing telly, he was a successful commercial illustrator.

Speight's fiancee, Natasha Collins (who originally played the jester "See" in See it, Saw it) was found dead in the couple's flat in January 2008. Three months later, Mark Speight was reported missing. His body was found at Paddington Station on 13 April 2008. He was 42.

Books / Tapes

Smart: Bright Ideas and Crafty Things To Do

Secrets of an Aerobics Instructor (illustrator)

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Internet Movie Database entry

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