Paul Hendy



The Chair (non-broadcast pilot)

Don't Try This at Home!

Kicked into Touch

Playing for Time (non-broadcast pilot)


Travel Bug

Wheel of Fortune


One of TV's nearly men, it's probably fair to say, whose game show career never really hit top gear for no apparent reason. He was the affable host of Wheel of Fortune, Don't Try This at Home! and what Paul is honest to describe as "the 'cult classic' (in other words it was rubbish but students liked it) Stash".

He currently tours the country with his own act, The Big Quiz.


Wrote a book in 2004 called Diary of a C-List Celeb which, it seems, has received rave reviews on With quotes such as "It's bloody genius, very funny and leg-crossingly embarrassing - Davina McCall" and "I don't know what Simon Peters is worried about, at least he's got panto - John Leslie", how could you refuse?


Diary of a C-List Celeb


c/o Jo Carlton, Talent4Media, Studio LG16, Shepherds Building Central, Charecroft Way, London W14 0EH

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