Travel Bug



Paul Hendy


Action Time for BBC2, 1 October 1995 to 7 January 1996 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Kids travelling game show, a sort of Passport for kids.

Two teams play games to win points. Notable rounds included the one where teams made videos based around a certain thing and then the opposing team had to answer questions on it, and the bizarre Sausage and Mash round where, with a giant inflatable sausage, teams try to burst as many ballons as they can.

There was also a treasure hunt round, where the kids had to run around town in order to locate the host.

Two contestants playing the treasure hunt round

At the end, the losers get the first plane back home and the winners get to spend an extra day doing something really good.

Weird, but actually quite a good little show.


Devised by Trish Kinane and Stephen Leahy.


For some completely unknown reason, this series got a repeat 2005! And to make things even more remarkable, the BBC transmitted the wrong programme altogether! It transpired that they were supposed to broadcast a repeat of Travel Bug, a documentary series by former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan about a round-the-world trip that he and his family took in 2001. The BBC took the Paul Hendy game show off after just 1 repeat and replaced it with the Peter Duncan documentary.


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