Pop Quest



Series 1: Steve Merike

Series 2: David "Kid" Jensen and Sally James

Series 3: Mike Read and Megg Nicol


Yorkshire Television for ITV, 12 September 1975 to 5 April 1978 (36 episodes in 3 series)


Yet another pop quiz, this time in a quest to find the Teenage Pop Brain of Britain. Teams of three teens - from different ITV regions - battle it out over questions from the Top Ten board and archive film clips, as well as a against the clock solo round.

There was also a guest artist in the studio each week, with the opportunity given to the contestants to ask interview questions too in a kind of Norris McWhirter Record Breakers style.


Ian Bolt, producer/director with Yorkshire TV.


The final programme of series 1 featured the series winners against a team of DJs.

The prizes included your own gold disc.


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