Pwy di Pwy?



Iestyn Garlick


Hostess: Ceris St James


Antena Television/Dimegoch for S4C, mid 90s to 2001 (7 series)


Three players were presented with six special guests, and a list of six occupations, and told to match the guest to their job. If they could, there was £3,000 up for grabs (it may have increased in later series).

In round one, there were six questions, one for each job. Players could choose a guest once each, so each player got two questions. Each correct answer earned £50.

In round two, there were six practical tasks, appropriate for each of the six jobs. Each player was given a job and asked to select a guest to complete that task. Cut to the guest performing the task in hand for around one minute. Afterwards, a klaxon would sound and Iestyn always said, "Stop what you are doing! Audience, has the guest convinced you? Vote now!" The percentage of the audience who were convinced would be the players’ score, £1 per percentage point. After each player had two goes, the player with the lowest score is eliminated, but they kept the cash won up to that point and also took away a "Pwy di Pwy?" t-shirt, handed to them by Ceris – Iestyn always notes the colour of it!

It was during the commercial time-out that a viewers’ phone-in competition was unveiled, simply asking which guest filled one of the jobs. Selected correct answers (not sure how many were selected) won a prize of £100, but no announcement was made of when the lines closed.

Round three came after the commercial time-out. The two surviving players had 45 seconds each. They must call a job and a guest to answer a question on the job requested. Now the desks come alive, as each player’s desk has a pin cushion on it, with six guests’ photos on the top and the jobs down the side. Each pin had a tick, cross and question mark to register their opinion and these appeared on the screen in front of the player, so viewers could see those opinions. Each correct answer was worth £100, and viewers could see ticks and crosses change as the round progressed. After this round, another player left us, again with cash won and a t-shirt from Ceris ("Ooh, purple this time!")

Round four saw the one remaining player try to bat away six questions. Any guest can be asked to answer it, but the player was warned that only the correct guest for that job would give a correct answer, the other guests would deliberately give a bad answer! And each question was worth money, represented by six casino-style chips which Ceris gave to the player: £50, £100, £150, £200, £300 and £500. The player would give Ceris one chip for each question. A correct answer added the value of the chip to their money total, an incorrect answer deducted that value.

After this round, the player was offered a gamble: take whatever money they had accumulated and run; or risk it on guessing all six guest-job combinations. Get this right and the £3,000 jackpot was won. Make one mistake and the player’s pot was halved.


The title translates as Who is Who?

To the best of our knowledge, the role of Ceris was non-speaking.

On one show, an occupation was "Manchester United Supporter." For the practical task, the guest would be given a Mastermind-style grilling on Manchester United. While the guest chosen for this was found not to be the supporter in the end, he answered all questions correctly and convinced 91% of the audience that he was the supporter – the highest percentage recorded in this round of the show.


Mat Steiner


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