SAS: Are You Tough Enough?



Dermot O'Leary


BBC Two, 3 March 2002 to 21 March 2004 (18 episodes in 3 series)


Extreme "outward bound" adventure show based on real-life SAS recruitment/training exercises. There were three series: the first was based in the Scottish highlands, then there was SAS Jungle, filmed in Borneo, and SAS Desert made in Namibia. Certainly one of the toughest game shows ever seen on British television (in the Jungle series, contestants were being invalided out, or dropped out voluntarily, at such a rate that there weren't even any proper "evictions" until just before the final), and we're not sure the "winners" even got anything at the end.

Theme music

Christian Henson


SAS: Are You Tough Enough? Uncut - Region 2 DVD


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