Show Me What You've Got



Dale Winton


Models: Carl and Charlotte


Intial for ITV1, 2006 (non-broadcast pilot)


This was going to be a big-money quiz with luck elements based around mathematical operations. The top prize was supposed to be £8,160,000.

The format was used in the US, where William "All Bran" Shatner gyrated with "sexy" "dancers", to mediocre ratings, so it's no surprise it wasn't picked up here.


"Show me what you've got!"

"Computer... show me the money!"

Web Links

Bother's Bar feature on the Italian show which did make it to air, Tutto x Tutto. Our version had pretty similar gameplay (although in round two you answered questions to determine whether your bank got multiplied or divided) but didn't have the ace scaffolded set.


Dick de Rijk


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