Sporting Chance



Brian Johnston

Roger Tames (Tyne Tees version)


Roy Webber - scorer, question-setter.


BBC Light Programme / Radio 2, 16 January 1960 to 16 June 1969

BBC Radio 2, 17 November 1973 to 26 December 1974 (as part of Sport on 2; 1973 billed as Quiz on 2)

BBC tv, 1 October to 31 December 1960 (as part of Grandstand)

Junior Sporting Chance BBC Home Service, 1964

Tyne Tees (regional), 24 March to 28 October 1983


A sports quiz programme. Fourteen teams of three, representing recreation and sports clubs from industries all over Britain, held their own internal competitions with the best teams making it onto the show itself.

Brian Johnston interrogated each team alternately, with questions on commentary, rules, records, and to identify the mystery guest.

A television version ran with different teams but ended upon the death of question-setter Roy Webber in 1962.

It was revived in 1983 by Tyne Tees but not networked.


Michael Tuke-Hastings


From 1964 to 1967, the programme also had a same-week repeat as part of the Saturday afternoon sports coverage on Network Three.

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