Spot the Winner



Kenneth Horne


BBC Light Programme, 24 November 1949 to 21 March 1950


Adaptation of Carroll Levis' touring talent show Discoveries. Although Levis had brought the talent show to Radio Luxembourg in 1935, and had been showcasing the winners of the touring show on a regular BBC radio series since 1936, this was the first time the contest itself appeared on the BBC.

Unfortunately, Levis himself was unable to host due to illness, so Kenneth Horne took the master of ceremonies role instead.


Carroll Levis


Although not particularly remembered for its own sake, the show did achieve a certain notoriety due to the BBC choosing to commission it rather than another series of Opportunity Knocks, leading Hughie Green to sue the BBC, accusing certain people at the Corporation of taking bribes from Levis' organisation. The subsequent court case exonerated the BBC and bankrupted Green.


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