Stars and Strikes



Rick Edwards


Freddie Lee Peterkin as "DJ Freddie Murphy"

Lara Kington as "Debbie Down Under"

Paul Danan


Box Television for 4Music, 28 December 2010 to 2011 (4 episodes in 1 series)


Basically a bit of a gimmick: Rick Edwards plays a ten-frame ten-pin bowling match against a popstar or group, with the frames alternating with pop videos selected by the guest and introduced by the resident DJ.

Spin the Pin

A few twists are included: one frame is "spin the pin" in which a spinner is used to select a way in which the ball is to be bowled (using an eccentrically-weighted ball, wearing big padded gloves, blindfold or cued snooker-style) and there is a side-game called "Japoke" in which the guest is asked to identify a song performed in Japanese. There are also various bits of comic business involving the supposed staff of the bowing alley, in particular the DJ "Freddie Murphy" and ex-Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan, doing an Extras-style turn "as himself", a faded actor turned alley manager pining for his former days of C-list celebrity.

What else do you call Japanese karaoke? Well, most people would just call it "karaoke"...

Although it just about qualifies as a game show, the inclusion of pop videos gives it too much of a stop-start feel to really work satisfactorily, and we're not sure the game element will actually be particularly interesting even to ten-pin fanatics, but it's amusing if unspectacular filler.

And yes, Rick went on to win comfortably.


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