Street Cred Sudoku



Colin Murray (2005)

Andy Goldstein (2006-7)


Team captains: Steve Punt and Ed Byrne (2005), Robin Ince and Rufus Hound (2006)


Hanrahan Media for UKTV G2, 2005-7


Street-Cred Sudoku sees two teams of comedians battle it out to complete their Sudoku boards through a combination of intelligence, skill, wit and humour (it says here).

Each team wins more numbers for their grid by answering questions correctly and in an amusing fashion.


File:Streetcred_sudoku_set.jpgThe set. Does it remind you of anything?
File:Streetcred sudoku set closer.jpgBucket anyone?
File:Streetcred_sudoku_teamcaptains.jpgSeries 1 gang: Byrne, Murray and Punt
File:Streetcred sudoku series2.jpgSeries 2 gang: Ince, Goldstein and Hound


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