Gemma Hunt


Ella Kenion (as Captain Sinker)
Joseph Elliot (as Cook)
Richard David-Caine (as Line)


Cbeebies, 6 July 2013 to present


A team of young Swashbucklers take on cheeky pirates to win jewels for their treasure chest. There's excitement and drama through to the final game to see if the team of infants will win and whether Cook, Line and Captain Sinker will walk the plank!

Image:Swashbuckle cast.jpg Cook, Sinker, Line, and host Gem.

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The first physical game on Cbeebies, the channel for very young children. The press release cites the show's educational aims: "All of the games are designed to incorporate the physical development goals that children experience at school including co-ordination, speed, balance, and aim."

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