The Alphabet Game



Andrew O'Connor


Objective Productions and BBC North for BBC1, 5 August 1996 to 27 March 1997 (74 episodes in 2 series)


Amiable, if unoriginal, celebrity word game which filled the BBC1 lunchtime pre-news slot. Alphabets being something of an international requirement, it has subsequently sold to bucketloads of countries - most notably in Spain where Pasapalabra runs as a big money game show. Why Andrew O'Connor hasn't bought Trinidad and Tobago from the proceeds, we don't know.


Created by Rebecca Thornhill, Mark Maxwell-Smith and Andrew O'Connor.

Theme music

A version of "A, You're Adorable"

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A bevvy of guests. Top row: Allan Stewart, Sian Lloyd, Andrew O'Connor, Heather Couper. Bottom row: Michaela Strachan, Bill Tidy, Steve Punt, Sarah Vandenburgh.
Rick Wakeman buzzes in to claim he can think of something to do at night beginning with "A".


Part 1 of a 1997 episode.


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