The Charm Offensive



Ulrika Jonsson


Celador for Channel TV / ITV1, 11 and 19 August 2001


This only made it to broadcast pilot and worked in two parts. In part one our four contestants let you into their lives via short film and questions. They are vying for your phone votes as the person who would get the most votes the next week would win £50,000. However, if you knew any of these four people or even if you just wanted to spout your opinion on them you could contact the show and the next week you could dish dirt.

Image:Charmoffensive ulrikajonsson.jpgUlrika: Charming or offensive, you decide

We're surprised it made it to broadcast really it's so paper-thin.

Image:Charmoffensive contestant.jpgGive her the cash and let's be done with it


Weirdly, the first week's show was on Saturday and the second week's on Sunday. We're not sure whether that was planned, or a last-minute panic move.

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