The Freddie Starr Showcase



Freddie Starr


BBC1, 5 July to 9 August 1983 (8 episodes in 1 series)


Talent show, the return of 1982's summer filler David Essex Showcase, only without David Essex. This time round it was demoted from Saturday night to a Tuesday evening slot, and in addition to the fresh young talent served up weekly, Freddie was joined by a succession of musical groups who were a bit past it in 1983 and desperately needed an opportunity to plug their latest singles before sinking into complete obscurity (The Shadows, The Nolans, 10cc).


Funk group Second Image.


Other acts to make early appearances on the show included the Chuckle Brothers (who had already appeared on New Faces in 1974), Andrew O'Connor and Hale & Pace (who were part of "Fundation").


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