Tibs and Fibs



Tony Slattery


Team captains: Phil Hammond and Tony Gardner

Expert: Dr Hilary Jones


Mike Mansfield Productions in association with Paramount Comedy Channel for Channel 5, 3 November 1997 to 1998


Medical quiz fronted by Tony Slattery. The two team captains were joined by a different celebrity in each show with guests including Davina McCall, Margi Clark, Richard Blackwood etc. The rounds were themed and included identifying a range of maladies by their symptoms and the application of a range of bizarre surgical instruments from the Royal College of Surgeons.

The format was roundly panned by critics at the time, mainly due to very low ratings, but as this was a late night format in the early days of Channel 5 it can't be entirely blamed for that.


The format was devised by Tony Slattery himself who has an informed interest in the subject.


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