Tool Academy



Rick Edwards


Psychiatrist: Dr. Sandra Scott


Objective Productions for E4, 10 January 2011 to 18 December 2012 (24 episodes in 3 series)


Bad boyfriends compete to be the 'Ultimate Lad', or so they believe. The truth is their girlfriends have actually enrolled them in a course designed to help them improve their wayward attitude towards their relationship. The winner pockets £25,000.

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Key moments

The time when the tools all decided to get a tattoo. What's so noteworthy about that you ask? Surely they each just had their respective partner's name tattooed on themselves, or maybe a heart or a rose? Nope. They all had a tattoo of the programme's logo done. Young love eh?


Based on the American version.


Spring 2011 Danny Smith
Autumn 2011 Leon Chin
2012 TBC

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