Turner Round the World



Anthea Turner


Real Television and Carlton for ITV, 2 June to 7 July 1997 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Must we talk about this? Oh, OK then...

Anthea Turner goes somewhere, people phone up and guess where she is and then answer a question. If they get it right they win some round the world tickets, if not they didn't. And that was it.

Now, there's simple as in 100%, good simple and then there's simple as in Turner Around the World. The show would have been improved immeasurably if, say, Ms Turner told us where she was at the start of the show so we wouldn't have to bother with the next 25 minutes.

Anthea Turner holding the tickets for the prize holiday

Key moments

Admittedly, the ONE good thing in it (but only one mind) was the top 5 guesses that would appear after every short piece of film.


Format by Stuart McDonald and Richard Woolfe

Theme music

David Arnold


Here's the entirity of the press coverage we could find: "Last week she went to Amsterdam and managed to insult the entire population of the Netherlands without realising it." - Tom Hibbert, The Observer.


Host, Anthea Turner.


A full episode from the show


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