Kate Humble


BBC One, 26 April to 31 May 1999 (6 episodes in 1 series)


This show, not to be confused with the wider "Webwise" Internet awareness campaign run by the BBC, features the intrepid Kate Humble going around the country, solving challenges with nothing more than a laptop and a mobile phone to help her.

Unfortunately, the show pretty much falls down there and then. You are much more likely to get relevant, accurate and complete information from a guidebook, and you save yourself the insurance risk of carting around £3000 of technology just for the sake of going on holiday somewhere.

So what is this show trying to achieve? We suppose it's a way of showing how useful and easy the Internet is, but as we know that's just not true. The challenges are so sanitised and plotted, the actual use of the Internet is pretty stilted.

Kate Humble, mit telefon

Confidence in how honest the programme is being takes a hit when you look at the screen carefully and realise she's not really downloading her challenges by mobile phone, but reading them off the hard disk! Oops!

Overall, this programme sets itself an ambitious challenge (i.e. do a show about the Internet that non-techies can watch) but it doesn't find the solution.


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