What's it All About? (2)



Brian Redhead (1972)

Joan Bakewell (1973-5)

Michael Flanders (stand-in, 1974)


Peter Moloney and Dana (permanent captains, 1975)


BBC2, 24 December 1972 to 27 April 1975 (Special + 23 episodes in 2 series)


Quiz based on religion, with two teams of 3 opposing each other. Two people were from a religious seminary and the third was a celebrity belonging to a similar religion (except for the last series, when Peter Moloney and Dana were the permanent captains). The series was retooled from the original special, which was just a panel game with three celebrities competing.

Questions often had a visual bent - for example, some artefacts were used to identify the reasons for a Sikh's dagger, a Jewish prayer shawl and the significance of the Brahma praying wheel. Other questions included film of various religious ceremonies from all over the world, and a team of schoolchildren who mimed a parable from the Bible.


Joan Bakewell was taken ill partway through the 1974 series, so the last few episodes of that series (at least the semi-finals and final) were presented by Michael Flanders, half of the Flanders and Swann duo (which half is left as an exercise for the reader).

The celebrity panel in the original special comprised Rev. David Martin - a ringer, surely? - model and one-time Bond girl Tania Mallet, and Jimmy Savile. Our years of researching game show history mean we'd recognise the panel-composing handiwork of Cecil Korer anywhere...


Cecil Korer. Yup, thought so.


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