What's the Story?



Justin Waite (Series 1-5)

Dan Mitchell (Series 6)

Tom Price (Series 7-10)


Regular Panellists:
Frank Honeybone (Series 1-5)
Hannah Jones (Series 1-3)
Clint Edwards


Tidy Productions for BBC Radio Wales, 22 August 2009 to 25 October 2013 (70 episodes in 10 series)


This is a news-based quiz with a Welsh flavour, and plenty of jokes from host and two teams of two panellists. The half-hour programme typically contains five rounds, beginning with some audio clips from the week's news, and discussion around a question. Round two is a missing words round, where the panel is asked to complete a quotation or newspaper headline from the week.

So far, so Have I Got News for You, but the second half of the show does actually have some new ideas. Round three invites the panel to decide which is older: a particular celebrity who has their birthday around transmission, or an arbitrary invention. There's a round asking about the various surveys put out by PR departments during the recent weeks, and the show concludes with a "who said that?" round of slightly embarrassing quotations.

The net result is a decently entertaining news quiz; by a quirk of scheduling, its transmission follows straight after The News Quiz on Radio 4, and What's the Story is generally the less predictable show.


Dan Mitchell came to this programme after making the final of Show Me the Funny 2011. This may count as going up in the world.

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