Where Were You in '62?



Nigel Rees


James Alexander Gordon (announcer)


BBC Radio 2, 10 May 1983 to 12 February 1985 (24 episodes in 2 series)


Panel game about the events, fashions and fads of the 1950s and 1960s. The show's panellists were celebrities from that era, such as Katie Boyle, Norman Vaughan, MacDonald Hobley, Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Bernard Bresslaw, and Joe Brown. They would start by giving a quick resumé of what they were doing in 1962, and – as two shows were recorded at the same session – what they were doing in 1952.

The announcer was James Alexander Gordon, the Voice of the Football Results, who sometimes added his voice to the questions.

The second series introduced a ficticious hostess 'Gloria' who to quote Nigel "is our glamorous sequin hostess who is now wheeling on the prize trolley with such goodies as a colour TV converter, a Hula Hoop, and a Coronation mug"

The signature tune was a bit of a novelty: sixties Beatles hit Lady Madonna played in a fifties style by Lord Rockingham's XI of "Hoots Mon" fame.


The title "Where Were You in '62?" was originally the tagline for the 1973 film American Graffiti.


Nigel Rees


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