Emma Walford (as headmistress Emma Worthington)


Announcer: Huw Charles


Al Fresco for S4C, 2004 to 2007 (4 series)


An anarchic 10-minute children's quiz show set in an institute for underperforming school pupils - a cross between How Dare You! and Waaa!!.

Under the presence of sarcastic headmistress/host Emma Worthington, three kids from across the country attempt to win freedom from the institute by getting across the studio on motorised desks. The first to get ten questions right wins 'freedom' and a worthless trophy. The two losers get gunged (with school lunch 'slops') by the ever-evolving dinner lady (a different S4C regular every week - somehow, there's always a question about the guest in the quiz.)

Key moments

The illusion of the institute gets broken during the end credits of most episodes when a cameraman and floor manager manage to appear in-vision.


The title translates as 'Scraper'.

The series is recorded at Enfys TV Studios, Cardiff.

The Emma Worthington character is lifted from a children's comedy series called Hotel Eddie, where the character in question plays a ruthless hotel manager.


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