Gag Tag



Series 1: Jonathan Ross

Series 2: Bob Monkhouse


Team Captains:
Series 1: Bob Monkhouse and Frank Skinner
Series 2: Eddie Large and Phill Jupitus


BBC1, 19 July 1994 to 1 March 1996 (14 episodes in 2 series)


Pun-tastic knockabout comedy game where a host gives two teams of comedians silly things to do involving as many jokes they can cram into the half-hour. Not original and just not funny.

Not even the saviour of many a dodgy format, Bob Monkhouse, could perform emergency CPR (Comedy Pun Revival) on this format.

Image:Gagtag_monkhouse.jpg Bob Monkhouse, looking for the emergency exits.


Bizarrely, devised by Tracey McLeod off of The Late Show.

Theme music

Jonathan Whitehead


A full episode from 1994.


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